• Muhaimin Muhammad
  • Tri Djoko Santosa
Keywords: Management, Reseller, Waterfall, UML


This research takes a case study at the Riko Pancing Shop in Jaten, Karanganyar. This research uses the waterfall method because the previous system which is still conventional, there are uses books and Microsoft Excel for data collection so that the system requirements are needed. There is a needs analysis using analysis pieces, while the development of the system there is a workflow system, use case diagrams, activity diagrams, and the last is testing using black box. This information system is used to make it easy for resellers to register, then the reseller can see a catalog of all goods and know the stock of goods in realtime, then the reseller can make a booking transaction, and finally the admin will confirm the order. Then a transaction report will appear that can be seen by the admin.Admin can manage data categories, goods, suppliers, purchase transactions and booking reseller transactions.Management