Pengembangan Peluang Kegiatan Kewirausahaan Mahasiswa Universitas Duta Bangsa Surakarta dalam era New Normal di Tempat Usaha “Shiftcomp”

  • Ardian Pamungkas
  • Indra Hastuti
  • Muchlis Ibrahim
  • Christian Cahaya Putra
  • Muhammad Dafa Rizqullah


Entrepreneurship is an activity of innovation and creativity in taking advantage of opportunities to improve a better quality of life. The current pandemic condition causes all aspects of the field to experience bad impacts, such as schools and colleges having to carry out online activities, which must use technological equipment such as laptops, computers, and smartphones to carry out teaching and learning activities. So that from the frequent use of online media, not a few technological equipment has experienced interference or damage. From this background, it is necessary to develop opportunities for entrepreneurial activities in the new normal era as it is today. Shiftcomp is a form of developing entrepreneurial activities for students at University of Duta Bangsa Surakarta, which is engaged in servicing services, especially computers, laptops, and smartphones. The method used is qualitative with a field research approach by studying intensively the background of the current situation. The development of Shiftcomp entrepreneurial activities is to implement a pick-up system for the marketing process, which can help customers to get very easy services and still apply the health protocol system. So that by developing these entrepreneurial opportunities, we can overcome the impact of the pandemic by taking advantage of entrepreneurial opportunities in the current new normal era.