Automated Moist Control for Mushroom Production Information System with Mobile-Based SMS Notification


Mushroom Production
Automated Moist Control
Relative and Humidity Sensors
Mushroom Farmers
Mushroom Monitoring System


Growth of the mushroom can be inhibited if its temperature and humidity are not well controlled. Automated monitoring system was an alternative solution for controlling the mushroom bed’s temperature and humidity. The project entitled automated moist control and mushroom production information system with mobile-based sms notification was design to develop an automated real-time monitoring system that monitors real-time temperature and humidity of the mushroom bed. The project utilized android based application, and a prototype that use arduino uno v3.0 ch340g as the microcontroller for the system’s prototype, a dht11 temperature and relative humidity sensors,  single channel relay module, gsm module and a 12volts washer pump components. Based on testing and evaluation, the study found out that 50 respondents who evaluated the  project obtained an average rating scale of 3.65, remarked as “agree” means that the automated moist control for mushroom information system with mobile-based sms notification is truly functional, reliable and usable for mushroom production.          It is the therefore concludes that  for monitoring the mushroom bed’s temperature and humidity purposes, the project can help mushroom farmers grow mushrooms less consuming time and less effort  in producing mushrooms.



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