Optimalisasi Fitness For Duty Pelaut Berdasarkan Peraturan Menteri Kesehatan Republik Indonesia Nomor 1 Tahun 2018 Tentang Pemeriksaan Kesehatan Pelaut

  • Arleiny Arleiny Politeknik Ilmu Pelayaran Surabaya
  • Rina Arum Prastyanti Universitas Duta Bangsa


Seafarers are workers who are critical of safety, which means their actions or lags can lead directly to serious incidents that affect the community or the maritime environment. Therefore, seafarers' health is an important consideration to maintain public safety, property, economic and environmental prosperity. The purpose of this study was to determine the optimization of fitness for duty for seafarers as an effort to reduce the number of ship accidents. This research is a type of research descriptive qualitative methods.Data collecting using literature and debt interview. The location or location of the study relates to the research objectives or problems that are focused on the research location, namely the main clinic of Althair Surabaya Shipping Polytechnic. Analysis of the data used in this study used an interactive model qualitative analysis. Based on the Regulation of the Minister of Health of the Republic of Indonesia Number 1 Year 2018 concerning seafarers health checks Article 3 paragraph (1) Seafarers Health Examination consists of, a, pre-work inspection, pre-sea health check or work to prevent someone who is unwell a career as a seafarer -beach. Important factors in pre-sea health examination are infectious diseases, sharpness of vision and hearing and physical abilities. b. regular health checks; Periodic Health Examinations, basically, anything that is considered the same as a pre-sea health check but with some modifications. Besides infectious diseases, vision, hearing and physical abilities, additional factors that must be considered are age and work history. The results of the health test will produce conclusions, FIT to work at sea or offshore without restrictions, FIT to work at sea or offshore with restrictions, UNFIT TEMPORARY to work at sea or offshore and UNFIT FOREVER to work at sea or offshore.


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