Analisis Kebutuhan Rak Penyimpanan Dokumen Rekam Medis Aktif di Rumah Sakit Umum PKU Muhammadiyah Delanggu Tahun 2022


With the increase in the number of patients cause health services in PKU Muhammadiyah delanggu public hospital increasing and causing documents record medical increase. This will lead to store shelves fast full and need to of increased new store shelves. The purpose of this research is to find a prediction needs store shelves documents medical record in PKU Muhammadiyah delanggu public hospital in 2018 2022. The kind of research is descriptive research, data collection method is observation and interview, while the data colletion was done by cross sectional approach. The population in this research is 66.238 documents of medical recoed and the sample is 100 documnets. An instrument of this research uses the meter, a ruler, a calculator, table observation, and guidelines. Data analysis be done in univariat. The result show the thickness of the medical record document on the avarege is 0.8 cm. The long of system for keeping archives is 1552 cm. Size store shelves: 207 cm long, 172 cm high, 60 cm wide shelves. Requirement store shelves up to 2022 is 113 open shelves with two edges. In 2018 already available 24 shelves. Conclusion, in 2022 need additional 89 shelf open two sides. Suggestion, can be given should provide shelf file again for 5 years as many as 89 rack using a shelf two sides, made of iron so that not easiy to break, security maintained and that all documents can be accommodate in a orderly.

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