Mencegah Terjadinya Stunting dengan Pemberian ASI Eksklusif

  • Andri Nur Sholihah Universitas ‘Aisyiyah Yogyakarta
  • Peronika Sirait Universitas ‘Aisyiyah Yogyakarta


Stunting growth interruptions linear who do not in accordance with the age of.One of the causes of stunting namely he gave no breast milk exclusively on the baby.The rate of stunting the percentage of nutrition status of a toddler short ( short and very short ) in indonesia years 2013 is 37,2 %, if compared to 2010 ( 35,6 % ) and years old 2007 ( 36,8 % ) did not show a decrease in / significant repair.The highest percentage in 2013 is in the east nusa tenggara ( 51,7 % ), West Sulawesi ( 48,0 % ) and West Nusa Tenggara ( 45,3 % ) while the lowest percentage is provincial Riau Islands ( 26,3 % ), in Yogyakarta ( 27,2 % ) and Jakarta ( 27,5 % ) although in Yogyakarta is stunting the low rate occurrence but did not meet the target prevalence in indonesia is about 20 % ( kenmenkes, 2013 ). The purpose of this research is to find relations the provision of breastfeeding exclusive with the genesis stunting the posyandu urban village Kricak Tegalrejo Kota Yogyakarta .This research uses the method descriptive correlational with the approach cross sectional with a population of all toddlers that is in posyandu urban Village Kricak Tegalrejo City Yogyakarta as many as 780 toddlers. The sample collection purposive sampling techniques with the total sample 117.An analysis of data used was a test chi-square.The results of research known to exist a relationship the provision of breast milk exclusively with the incident stunting evidenced by test results on chi-square show sequentially p-value & lt; < ? namely 0,01 and value of a correlation coefficient of 0,317.


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