Optimation On Health, Safety and Environtment (HSE) By Developing Medical Chek Up Information System (MCUIS)


phased development
Health Information System


PT. XYZ is a multinational company in Jakarta, Indonesia which has permanent employees of approximately 12,000 employees. As a company that implements Health, Safety and Environment (HSE) policy, PT XYZ holds annual Medical Check-Up (MCU) activities for all permanent employees. Unfortunately, MCU experienced a number of issues such as uneven scheduling, filling in the same data on the MCU Question Form every year, unable to find out employees who had not done MCU, manually filling the Employee Questionnaire Form, distribution of MCU results that takes a long time, the MCU results are missing, employees do not pay attention to the results of the MCU, and HR Medical cannot analyze the results of the MCU. The purpose of this research is to build a system called Medical Check-Up Information System (MCUIS) which able to solve these problems. SIMCU is a web-based information system, uses ASP.NET as its programming and Oracle as DBMS. SIMCU was made using Phased Development-based methodology as the system breaks into four phases. With the implementation of MCUIS Phase I, based on Net Quality Income (NQI) calculation,  PT XYZ can save the budget spent as much as IDR 744,238,000 per year by reducing the printing of forms and results of the MCU. Besides, SIMCU phase I can reduce distribution time from seven days into one day, reduce potential missing MCU results from 200 on average into zero, and analyze MCU results



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