Application Of Mathematical Morphology Algorithm For Image Enhancement Of Breast Cancer Detection


mathematical morphology
breast healthy
image enhancement


This study aims to produce an image processing application using Mathematical Morphology to improve the quality of the digital image for breast cancer detection. Medical image is an image produced or used in the medical field. Improving medical image quality is very useful for diagnosis and advanced image processing. Breast healthy is important for women. Breast cancer is the main killer for women. Biomedical breast image data is secondary data. The next process is the initial processing, which is processing that is related to pixel size, gray scale, and so on. The improvement of medical image in this study uses the Mathematical Morphology method which consists of Dilation, Erosion, Opening (Erosion-Dilation) and Closing (Dilation-Erosion) processes. The expected results of this research are medical digital images that have improved their quality as a result of Dilation, Erosion, opening and closing processes.



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