Pemahaman masyarakat mengenai kekerasan seksual terhadap anak di Kota Surakarta

  • Abner Onesiforus Bariton
  • Muhammad Ikhsanudin
  • Salza Alfiatus Soliha
  • Mochamad Arinal Rifa,S. Pd, M.Pd
Keywords: Children, Sexual violence, Public, Understanding


Sexual violence against children is a legal problem in the community and is a case of serious human rights violations. Children who are victims of sexual violence are actually part of the community who need special assistance from parents because they are still immature physically and psychologically. Based on data taken from the Surakarta City Social Service, it is stated that sexual violence against children from 2018 to 2019 has increased, although from 2017 to 2018 there has been a decrease. This study aims to find out how the understanding of people in the city of Surakarta regarding sexual violence against children. This study uses a qualitative method with descriptive type using data obtained from interviews with the distribution of questionnaires to the general public in the city of Surakarta. The results of the study showed that the people of Surakarta had a fairly good understanding of sexual violence against children.