Analisis Network Planning Pada Optimalisasi Waktu Dan Biaya Proyek Pembangunan Masjid BPJS Kantor Cabang Cileungsi Bogor

  • Rinaldi Syarif
Keywords: Project Management, project schedule, PERT method dan CPM, Crashing


The most important thing in a project led to its success or failure is the during time of the project progress on time., timely because planning matured and, effective control so that projects would be efficient, instead if not mature planning and control, less effective will be Inefficient project impact.. One of inefficiency of a project will cause delays in, the decreasing quality of, implementation costs increasing.This research aimed to identify, critical activities activities in in order to know which to take precedence or accelerated so that there will be no extra time by using the method PERT and CPM. The methodology used is descriptive method of analysis and data collection method obtained by Interview. Results obtained that using a PERT (evaluasi program and review Technique) project can 78 by having completed during the opportunity for reached 97,06 %.And using CPM critical ( path method project duration ) can be settled by normal that is 76 days and pay the cost. IDR 453.201.499. To reduce the impact of the delay and swelling project could be proposed crashing program conducted in critical line/work with 3 alternatif working hours overtime at activity B, C, D, G and H and research show optimal duration project is 75 day with the total cost project IDR. 454.045.248 upon an activity G (ceiling work)