• Nura Damayanti Ariningsih
  • Safina Callistamalva Arindrajaya
Keywords: News lie, the Act ITE, Minimize, Sociolization


Technology and the information at this time emergent with very rapidly. Development is always bring the impact of both positive and negative. A positive impact of technological developments in the this is it easy to optain information and ease in everything. But even so, negative impacts of technological developments namely the existence of the spread of the news lie ( hoax ). Hoax can be defined as the news lie or false news that did not have a source of credible and deliberately done with the goal of cheat as as one of the truth. Spreader news lie usually background by very things, one of them is the tendency excessive against a thing. Problems that was appointed in this study is how minimize the spread of the news lie. In the explained problems that appointed will using methods discriminatory cumulative considered most in accordance with the problems that was appointed. The spread of the news lie set up in the legislation. One of the law laws are set it is Law No. 11 Year 2008 About information and transaction electronic as transformed by Law No. 19 2016 about Change the top of the Law No. 11 2008 about Information and Electronic transactions or better known by the Act ITE. One of the most appropriate way in minimize the spread of the news lie by the way socialization and education to the public will danger hoax if more widespread dispersion