Perlindungan hukum terhadap anak pelaku kecelakaan lalu lintas

  • David Rahmadhan
  • Isnaini Umi Fadhilah
  • Margaretha Ayu Kusuma
  • Dr. Rina Arum Prastyanti,SH.,MH
Keywords: legal protection, minors, traffic accidents


Children are hope for the nation, which means children are the next generation of the nation. Children who are also citizens receive rights and obligations. As the successor to the nation the child is entitled to protection, whether protection from the state or from the family. Nowadays, there are many children who become perpetrators of traffic violations, causing accidents. The case of a child in conflict with the law is suspected of being a criminal offense. Children who become traffic accidents are entitled to protection, including legal protection. This study aims to find out how the legal protection obtained by children as traffic accidents is an effort to reduce the number of accidents caused by traffic violations of minors. This research uses quantitative methods based on data obtained from the Central Statistics Agency (BPS). Data obtained in 2015-2018 can be concluded the number of accidents has increased. The results of this study indicate that one of the perpetrators of the accident was a minor. Children who are perpetrators of traffic violations that cause accidents get protection from family and legal protection from the state, in the form of children being treated humanely by providing the best facilities and paying attention to special needs according to the age of the child, the child is not sentenced to prison or death sentence.