Masalah Karakter Pada Siswa Korban Tindak Bullying Di Sekolah

  • Toni Iksanudin
  • Cristiana Desmahareni Pratama
  • Arga Rifki Pratama
  • Dr. Ir. Timotius Haryono, M.Th
Keywords: children, victims, intimidation, bullying


Based on the results of a preliminary study of cases of bullying in Indonesia from statistical data on the Indonesian child protection commission (KPAI), found cases of bullying in Indonesia. This study aims to examine the phenomenon of legislation in schools that often happens lately. This study uses qualitative research methods with a descriptive qualitative research design with bully victims. The data collection technique used is passive participation observation. Data analysis techniques used are data presentation and data education. Students who bully have more physical and social strength compared to other students, are less responsible, less empathetic, and aggressive. Victims of bullying have a quiet physical appearance, do not want to get along, low social. The results showed that people in our environment are very influential in our lives. Likewise, parents are very important to supervise and understand the condition of their children.