Wall-E : dalam Perspektif Orientalisme Edward Said

  • Damay Rahmawati
  • Ecclisia Sulistyowati
Keywords: Orientalisme, Film, Science-fiction


Wall-E, an animation film with Science-Fiction genre shows future robots that has Artificial Intelligent to take over various human tasks. Having human-like activity, the robots is the metaphor of human being. The focus of this research is in the characterization of Wall-E as the trash-compactor, Eve a life-searching robot, and Captain McCrea as Axiom Leader. This research also analyse the description of Earth and Axion in Orientalism perspektives. Using textual analysis with Edward Said’s Orientalism concept as theoriticl approach, this research shows Wall-E, Eve, and Captain McCrea represent the orientalism stereotype in the individual state. Whereas Axiom and Earth,represent the orientalism stereotype in the state of a geographical area. Both Wall-E and Earth being imposed by the stereotype and identity of Eastern. In opposite, Eve, Captain, McCrea, and Axiom attached by the value and identity of Western.